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Learn. Shoot. Inspire.

Pioneering Photography Learning Since 2016.


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Join GoodShotz to explore hands-on photography education. From immersive tours to personalized workshops, we deliver top-notch learning experiences. Capture stunning visuals and grow together with our passionate, knowledgeable team.

Hampi Photo Tour | Behind the scenes
China Photo Tour | Behind the scenes

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Learning Programs

Experiential Learning

Photo + Video Tour

Our photo-video tours are spread across a number of days and are led by our expert mentors. The locations we find offer a great opportunity to get the most out of each place you visit with us.

Basic to Advanced

Online & In-Classroom

Live Workshop

Our workshops are training programs held online & in-classroom setting on an interactive basis. Our webinar classes are live with screen sharing and total interaction.

Basic to Advanced

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We'd love to hear from you! Whether you have questions, need assistance, or just want to share your photography journey, feel free to reach out. Contact us today and let’s connect!

GoodShotz is hands down one of the best schools to learn all things photography. I was extremely previleged to be part of 4 photography bootcamps so far and i have gained invaluable knowledge and experiences. Count yourself lucky for interacting with world class photographers and mentors Bobby Joshi and Surbhi Kaushik. I learnt everything from developing my personal style to how i compose, process and the kind of tools to use. They are very patient, have great energy and you are instantly drawn to their personas and talent. I am what i am today as a photographer because of Goodshotz mentors. Please follow their work and each image is a lessen in itself in how a certain scene can be composed and processed. I guarantee that you will come out a better photographer after you attend their workshops and/or bootcamps. 


I was lucky enough to come across GoodShotz photography tours through a friend’s recommendation and made the best decision to join them. The knowledge I gained from attending 2 bootcamps is priceless—from the choice of locations and stay options to the way they explain photography concepts and guide you during shoots and post-processing sessions. They open a whole new doorway to how you see the world and make you ‘feel’ what you photograph.

The GoodShotz mentors genuinely want you to grow and walk alongside you to show what you can achieve. I'm glad I chose this path, which changed me as a person and honed my photography and post-processing skills. As a beginner in landscape photography, Surbhi patiently helped me shortlist my images every day, guiding me through my mistakes.

Surbhi Kaushik, I can’t thank you enough! You’re kind and beautiful inside and out. Bobby Joshi, you motivated me to grow, work harder, and achieve my goals. Thank you for believing in an amateur like me and teaching me the importance of FOCUS.

GoodShotz team, thank you for all you are and all you do.


I was fortunate enough to grab a seat in the Online workshop […] and I loved the way session was planned. The workshop covered various topics such as Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed and so on.

The best part was GoodShotz team actually took control over a few participant’s desktop and helped them in processing the image better.

I would recommend GoodShotz to all the amateur photographers who want to turn into professionals 🙂 Cheers to GoodShotz team !!


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