Everything you need to know about Exposure Compensation

The Big Hullabaloo about Exposure Compensation in DSLRs – My Point of View As someone who is passionate about photography, I tend to read a bit and also put some of those ideas into practice in the field, to experiment with settings and ideas. We do tend to get into debates as well sometimes on shooting techniques, camera settings (other than ...

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Kutch: a district in the state of Gujarat

I hate early mornings. Unless the sacrifice of my precious sleep is to board a 6:00am flight, one that takes me to a place I’d been wanting to explore since years. And when four women have managed to leave home, fetch each other, reach the airport before time, that’s either a wonderful stroke of luck, or an enthusiastic bunch of girls yearning ...

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What is a Photography Bootcamp?

According to English Dictionary, a Bootcamp is generally looked at as a reform school. Read more to know if our Photography bootcamps are something similar and if you need to join one. Read on and see if this sounds familiar… You buy a shiny new DSLR with all your hard earned money. You read free articles and blogs, you watch youtube ...

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10 Mistakes To Avoid As A Photography Beginner

We all know the excitement of buying a new camera or commencing your new hobby— Photography. We have been there and done it and we were susceptible to these mistakes as well! Which is why, we have curated a list of points that every beginner should absolutely remember before heading out and going all snap snap! Not reading the Camera Manual ...

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4 Important Tips on Landscape Photography

This comes close on the heels of me being named a Grand Master at Goodshotz, so the entire post is a reflection of my thoughts on Landscape Photography during the process of joining them. For a landscape photographer, you need several things to align in order to get a good shot: 1. You need to be at the right location 2. You need the right ...

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